A portion of proceeds go towards raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and to support and educate women, focusing on prevention within East Africa. 

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The Story


Tandi works with nonprofits, and organisations dedicated to HIV-prevention and education. As part of the global efforts set by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Tandi takes part in goal number 3 to end the epidemic of Aids, tuberculosis and malaria.

Tandi supports mothers2mothers

m2m employs and trains HIV-positive women to deliver health services, advice, and support to women and their families at health facilities and in local communities. From an initial focus on eliminating mother-to-child transmission of HIV, m2m has expanded into five related areas to deliver benefits for women and their families at all stages of life. As well as a continued focus on HIV-prevention and education, m2m’s services now also include early childhood development, paediatric care and support, and adolescent mentoring.