Tandi Fashion is a contemporary brand that believes in the empowerment of women. We craft our designs from an East African fabric called kanga, that enables women to ‘wear their emotions’. It is common knowledge in East Africa that women wear these kangas to express a specific message or feeling on that day, through fabric. Not only do we use prints inspired by East Africa kanga designs, we also keep the messages within the fabrics allowing one to ‘wear’ their emotions and keep that little piece of history.

We produce garments for the Western market, made from responsibly sourced cotton from Tanzania. We work with our suppliers in Tanzania and shipping companies. In the UK we work with pattern cutters, manufacturing companies, our interns from the black and minority ethnic (BME) background, charity partners and a fashion university. We also work with local women in Tanzania. The founder, Thandi met her first Tanzanian employee working in a market; she didn’t speak any English yet they were able to communicate. She provided her with a smart phone and some funding. Thandi is witnessing how her small gesture is changing her life and those around her. At that point Thandi knew that she had to offer the same form of empowerment here in the UK, and decided to set up an internship programme. This lady now has an added stream of revenue, opened a bank account, knows how to trade internationally and has taught herself English.

In the UK Tandi offers paid internships to women from the BME group that are keen to gain experience in the fashion industry and to provide them with a career. We are in the process of forming a partnership with a fashion university in London and this will provide a full cycle of training for our interns.

Tandi Fashion does not follow fashion seasons, instead we treat our garments like numbered prints of art. When a certain print sells out, it is gone and we introduce a new print. By acting in this way we are reducing waste, whilst each pattern becomes a unique, limited edition.

Whilst the pandemic has brought on uncertainties for Tandi Fashion, its business model –which is based on not following fashion seasons –has allowed the brand to stay afloat. 

Our vision is to grow Tandi Fashion into a global brand and moving forward have plans to own the whole supply chain whilst empowering local communities.

We would love you to be part of our journey by providing financial support in the way of a gift or investment. If you would like more information please feel free to contact us: